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This is a brilliant program

This is a brilliant program, so clear and well organized and extremely practical. I’d recommend this program to any woman. no matter what age, who is struggling with self-confidence, making decisions, and feels stuck in their lives


I can take any obstacle and turn it into a strategy

My biggest AHA moment is that I can take any obstacle and turn it into a strategy to achieve my goal. It’s been a very valuable. I know that I will be able to apply these strategies in many different situations

Vivian Singh

highly committed to her clients

I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling stuck or who needs support and a lot of friendly nudging. Sylvia is a great communicator. She explains everything clearly and the course material is structured in a logical way. Even more importantly, perhaps, she is highly committed to her clients. I was very impressed with the effort she put into unravelling what was really bothering people during the coaching calls.


The best year of my life...

You promised me the best year of my life…and it is. I’m grateful to you Sylvia.