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Energized Challenge

Do I have to log in to see the Challenge?

Yes. If you haven’t yet registered an account go here and click on the ‘sign up’ link at the bottom of the login form. 

Is there a community for the challenge?

There is no separate community for the challenge, but you can interact through the comments section inside the challenge itself. This is also where you can share the answers to your questions.

How can I become a member of the academy?

So glad you asked! You can sign up for the True Potential Formula, our latest program that will help you reach your life goals.

Technical Issues

Where can I login?

You can login on the homepage by clicking on the login link, or just go here.

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I'm unable to log in

It’s possible that this page was stored in your cache but too much time passed and the login has actually expired. There are a few things you can do to resolve this.

#1 Logout, then login again

Logout: Click on this link to logout. Once logged out you will be able to login again as explained above.

#2 Refresh the browser

Refreshing the browser tab can help clear the cache so you can see the login form again. Just click on the refresh icon in your browser

refresh browser

#3 Clear cache and browsing history

If the 2 methods above don’t work, clear your browsing history. Please check this page on how to do that for your browser. 

#4 Restart your device

If all the above fail, try restarting your computer or ipad / iphone. (to restart iphones and ipad just hold the turn off button for a few second.

#5 Log out of all other devices

It’s possible that you cannot login because you are already logged in on another device. Please make sure to logout of the other device before logging in on a different device.

I tried all the above tips and I still can’t get in. What do I do?

Please fill in the form below and I or someone from my team will get back to you as soon as possible

How do I reset my password?

Go to the login page here.

Look for the link: ‘I have forgotten my password’

Type in the email you used when you signed up for your programs and choose a new password.

Can’t remember the email you signed up with? Contact us through the form below.


How can I get coaching?

If you are an active member, you are very welcome to our coaching calls. Please fill out the form on our coaching page (access through the member hub) if you want to get coached or want a question answered on the calls. Pre-submitted coaching requests will always get picked first. Alternatively, show up live on the call and click the ‘raise’ hand icon.

How do do the coaching calls work?

Our group coaching calls take place on Zoom. You can find the links and times in the calendar. At the specified time, just open the zoom link to enter the call. If you like to be coached just click on the ‘raise hand’ icon and I will bring you on and we can discuss your issue.

Will coaching calls be recorded?

Yes all coaching calls will be recorded and can be watched at any time. We aim to have the recordings on the site within 48 hours.

How can I find the call times for my time zone?

Just use this time converter tool to find your local times.


If I bought an individual course, can I upgrade to yearly membership?

Yes! You can fill out the form below if you wish to upgrade to yearly membership and have the price of your individual course deducted from the rate. We will then send you a custom invoice.

As a monthly member can I upgrade to yearly membership?

Yes! If you want to have access to all our programs right away, you are welcome to upgrade to yearly any time. You can just purchase yearly membership directly here.

Where can I change my email address or update my credit card?

If you want to change your email address or update your credit card, you can do this in our customer hub (managed by Thrivecart). Access it here

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership in your customer hub (managed by Thrivecart). Access it here. Please note, you will lose access to all your programs immediately if you cancel through your customer hub.
Alternatively, you can also send in your cancellation request with the form below.

Will I still have access to the programs and other content if I cancel my membership?

Yes, you will lose access to all content. If you purchased an individual course separately, you will still have access to that course.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! If you’re not happy with our programs for any reason, we provide a full refund within 14 days of your purchase. Just submit your request with the form below.